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A simulation platform for your application

Build safer self-driving cars, autonomous machines, or robots for your industry with testing in virtual environments.


In addition to autonomous vehicles, use SVL Simulator to simulate and test future mobility services that interact with our world in new ways: delivery robots, robotaxis, ridesharing and personal mobility services. Simulate and test not just for software and system development but for fleet management, mobility service operations, and infrastructure planning.


Develop and test your indoor, outdoor, or multi-modal robots. Simulate an on-site deployment and how multi-robot interactions and environments will work. Iterate on your development in a safe manner before costly pilot deployments. Show your customers exactly how a deployment will work in their warehouse or factory before shipping any hardware.


Generate synthetic data for machine learning training and research. Conduct research for every module of an autonomous vehicle, or for their integration and larger impacts. Security, safety, multi-robot interactions, and vehicle to infrastructure are just some of the research applications we see from our community.


SVL Simulator – High fidelity simulator for autonomous driving

Technical document

Formal scenario-based testing of autonomous vehicles: From simulation to the real world

Technical document