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Brian Shin

SVL Simulator 2021.3 release

We are pleased to announce the 2021.3 release of SVL Simulator!

SVL Simulator 2021.3 enables several new workflows for different use cases in autonomous vehicle and robotics development.

Scenario runner support in Windows

With Docker integration on Windows, we have extended scenario runners support to Windows. You can now run end-to-end simulations using Python API or Visual Scenario Editor-based simulations on Windows as well as Linux.

Local automation and CI/CD

With Local Automation, you can now trigger simulation jobs from scripts without needing to manually interact with the web user interface. This empowers you to begin integrating SVL Simulator with existing automated testing or CI workflows (like Gitlab or Jenkins).

Multi-robot and SDF import

We have several features to extend support for robotics simulation use cases. We support multi-robot simulations by using namespaces on sensor topics. Please refer to our multi-robot sensor configuration for an example. We also added new sensors (Lidar2DSensor, DestinationSensor, IntelRealSense) and new indoor environments (Warehouse, WarehouseDT) with costmaps for robotics development. We have created an SDF importer to help import robot and environments from SDF world files. This means you can now use your existing SDF files to build maps and vehicles to use in SVL Simulator!

Changes to our License terms

There are some updates on our user uploaded content license terms. Please review the updated license terms here.

As always, you can download the 2021.3 release on Github here. You can see our full release notes, tutorials, and feature descriptions in our documentation.