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Lokesh Kumar Goel

SVL Simulator latest github master

We have excellent news for our subscribers.

Up-to-date code on GitHub master

We are aiming to do more frequent pushes to the Simulator github master branch. Expect the master branch to be unstable, but have our latest features and fixes. Some of the features that land on the master branch may still be work-in-progress. If you need a stable build, please use our release branches and binary releases.

IMPORTANT: The master branch of Simulator is compatible with the master branch of other related components, and release tags are compatible with the release tags in other repositories.

Master vs. Release: Cloud Web User Interface

We are rolling out a new preview web user interface to maintain compatibility between the web interface and the upstream Simulator. This deployment has our latest UI and features, enabled to work with the master branch of Simulator. Our production web user interface will ONLY support released versions of Simulator.


  1. Preview deployment can only be used with the master branch, and YOUR DATA WILL BE ERASED regularly. So, please use it for development or experiments only. You will need to re-register your account on preview every time data is wiped.

  2. Please avoid uploading assets built using the Simulator master branch to the production interface. New content may not be compatible with the release version of Simulator. We will remove content incompatible with the Simulator release from the production website without warning.

Download the latest SVL Simulator releases on github here. You can see our full release notes and guides in our documentation.