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JB Choi

SVL Simulator 2020.05 Release

The 2020.05 release of SVL Simulator release is now available, and includes custom traffic vehicle behavior plugins, the latest Apollo support, distributed simulation, and additions and improvements.

Custom traffic vehicle behavior plugins

SVL Simulator 2020.05 release has added the ability to customize the appearance and behavior of NPC vehicles in your simulations. It allows you to add local variations of vehicle styles and brands, or implement encounters with vehicles displaying distinguished behaviors such as vehicles stopping frequently like trash pick up. Please see Traffic behavior plugins for more information.

Support for distributed simulation

SVL Simulator 2020.05 release supports distributed simulation to overcome single-machine computational limitations when a user conducts simulations with complex sensor configurations which may not be feasible to be executed by a single machine in real time. Distributed simulation enables multiple machines to be organized in a cluster to run one simulation, which may include multiple high-resource sensors. Please see Cluster Simulation for more information.


Support for the latest Apollo

SVL Simulator has been actively working on supporting the latest Apollo and the 2020.05 release supports for Apollo 5.5. Please see Running with latest Apollo to setup the official Apollo 5.5 version bridge and try it out with the SVL Simulator.


Get the latest features and fixes by downloading the 2020.05 Release!