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Shalin Mehta

SVL Simulator 2020.01 Release

The 2020.01 release of SVL Simulator release is now available, and includes Controllable Plugins, camera lens distortion, and many more additions and improvements.

Controllable Plugins

We have added support for custom Controllable objects to be added to the scene with the Python API. See the example TrafficCone which is included in the Simulator binary and the accompanying quickstart script

Traffic Cones

Camera Lens Distortion

In order to make camera images more realistic, you can now add distortion parameters to all camera sensors (Color Camera, Semantic Camera, Depth Camera). See the Color Camera for an explanation on the parameters.

Non-uniform Lidar Beam Distribution

To match real-world Lidar beam distributions, we have added support to specify the Elevation angle of each beam. See the Lidar for an example configuration of a non-uniform distribution.

HD Map Lane Relations

We fixed our HD Map exporter to include the inter-lane relations. This fix allows Apollo to change lanes while driving and simplifies imported map annotations.

Get the latest features and fixes by downloading the 2020.01 Release!