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Brian Shin

CES 2020: Collaboration with VectorZero

We are happy to announce cooperation between SVL Simulator and VectorZero to bring maps and environments produced by the VectorZero RoadRunner tool into SVL Simulator for our users.

We believe enabling users to quickly create and generate their own 3D environments and HD maps is a critical aspect of autonomous vehicle simulation, allowing comprehensive test coverage for planning, routing, and end-to-end integration testing through scenarios built in customized and realistic maps. Interoperating with RoadRunner, the SVL Simulator platform enhances the set of tools available to developers to easily create their own 3D environments to test their specific use cases during autonomous vehicle development.

At CES 2020, LG Electronics will be demonstrating a 3D environment created using the RoadRunner tool and imported into SVL Simulator. With LG and VectorZero, users will be able to create a 3D road network using the RoadRunner tool, export the 3D environment and the corresponding HD map for use with SVL Simulator, and run simulations within the fully-supported environment, including testing with an AD stack on one or more ego vehicles, simulating traffic scenarios with non-ego vehicles and pedestrians, and varying environmental conditions for perception testing.

A video showing a 3D environment in SVL Simulator, created using RoadRunner. It can be connected with any AD stack, and enables developers to create and run custom scenarios using our Python API.

As the official simulation platform supporting the Autoware Foundation, and the simulator of choice for many Apollo developers, SVL Simulator is a powerful and growing platform for development and testing of autonomous vehicle systems. The collaboration with VectorZero will offer our community of users not just a larger library of maps for testing, but additional flexibility in creating the exact test scenarios they want to test.

If you are attending CES 2020, please come by our booth to see the demonstration and speak with us. Our public booth is located at the Westgate Hotel, AGL Booth 1815. You can find more information about the booth here. Check back on the SVL Simulator website for updates on the demonstration from CES after the show!

VectorZero RoadRunnerĀ® for Windows and Linux designed to allow anyone to create realistic roads and environments easily. To learn more, visit

Please reach out to us with feedback on the types of environments you would like to see made available for your AD system testing needs through GitHub or at

You can download the latest release of SVL Simulator.