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Brian Shin

SVL Simulator 2019.04 Release

The SVL Simulator 2019.04 release is now available for download on our GitHub. The April release features full Cyber RT support for Apollo 3.5 and a new Apollo 3.5 vehicle.

Additionally, we are proud to introduce our Python API for the simulator. You can now control all aspects of simulation with a script, including creating and running scenarios, starting/stopping simulation, collecting sensor data, controlling the environment, and controlling all ego and non-ego agents. You can see the API here.

We also have a new map, the Taiwan CAR Lab, a test facility for autonomous vehicles in Tainan, Taiwan that is available in the simulator. This map accurately reflects the real world test facility - you can check out a video of the project put together by our users at National Cheng Kung University!

There are many more improvements and bug fixes since the last release. You can check our release notes for the full list of updates since the last release.