Simulation Menu#

When in a non-Headless Simulation, a menu can be accessed by clicking on the "hamburger" menu icon in the bottom left.

Simulation Menu Contents

1) Toggle Menu Bar top#

This button opens or closes the simulator menu bar.

2) Pause/Play Button top#

This button pauses or plays the simulation.

3) Stop Menu top#

This menu is accessed from the Stop button. Confirm or cancel stopping the simulation. Confirmation exits simulator to the main screen.

4) Sensor Menu top#

This menu is accessed from the "eye" button. It lists all sensors on the selected vehicle and allows for the sensors to be visualized, as well as their coordinate transform relative to the parent transform sensor or BaseLink transform. See Sensor Visualization for more details.

  • 4a. Sensor Name
  • 4b. Toggle buttons to visualize sensor transform or sensor data
  • 4c. Full screen window or close window buttons
  • 4d. Click and drag to manually resize window
  • 4e. Example of sensor data visualization with GroundTruth3D sensor
  • 4f. Example of sensor transform information

5) Interactive Menu top#

This menu is only available in an Interactive Simulation and is accessed from the "sliders" button. It contains tools to change the environment of the simulation at run-time.

  • 5a. Time of day slider with a toggle button for freezing time or incrementing time.
  • 5b. Environment effect parameter sliders.
  • 5c. Toggles for NPC vehicles or Pedestrians.

6) Bridge Menu top#

This menu is accessed from the "plug" button. It lists information on the bridge status as well as all published and subscribed topics. See Bridge Topics for more details.

7) Controls Menu top#

This menu is accessed from the "controller" button. It lists all the keyboard commands in the simulation. Keyboard control for vehicles requires the Keyboard sensor. See Keyboard Shortcuts for more details.

Follow Camera

8) Information Menu top#

This menu is accessed from the i button. It lists the build info as well as any errors, logs, or warnings that are created in the current simulation. To clear all of these messages, click the "Trash can" icon in the bottom right of the menu.

  • 8a. Build info and console log data
  • 8b. Trash button to delete console log data
  • 8c. Frames per second display

9) Simulation Time top#

This timer displays simulation time. {hh:mm:ss:ms}

10) Camera Mode top#

The camera icon in the bottom right indicates if the camera mode is currently follow, cinematic or free-roam. Clicking the camera button cycles between the three camera modes. When switching back to the follow camera, the camera will automatically be positioned behind the active vehicle.

Follow Camera

  • Follow Mode: Camera remains centered on the selected vehicle. W and S zoom and Mouse RightClick rotates the view around the center of the car. If the view has not been manually rotated, the camera will stay behind the vehicle.
  • Cinematic Mode: Camera rotates between static views and animated camera movement around the selected vehicle.
  • Free-roam Mode: Camera can be moved freely around the map using camera controls.

11) Vehicle Select Menu top#

The vehicle listed in the bottom right is the current active vehicle. This menu is affected by keyboard input 1-0. Selecting a different vehicle will change the view to the follow camera of the selected vehicle. The number preceding each vehicle corresponds to the number key to select the vehicle.