Using the VSE#

VSE allows placing agents on the map, changing parameters of those agents, and setting waypoints for their movement. Each waypoint can affect the agent with different trigger effects like waiting for a fixed time at the waypoint.

Camera Management top#

The animations above present in order: camera movement, zooming in and out, and camera rotation. VSE uses a drag and drop system to move around the map. Press the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) down somewhere on the map and move the mouse while holding the middle button down, release the button to stop moving the map. To zoom in and zoom out, use the mouse wheel scroll. If Free Camera mode is selected in options, the camera can be rotated with the drag and drop while holding the mouse right-click. Additionally, the camera can be moved with the keyboard "WSAD" keys.

Quick Edit Panel top#

Selecting a map element (for example agent) with the left mouse button shows the quick edit panel above the selected element.

  1. Remove deletes the selected element from the scenario.
  2. Move allows to reposition a selected element with a drag and drop system. Use the right mouse button to cancel the reposition.
  3. Rotate allows rotating selected elements with drag and drop system, drag button to the left or right to rotate the selected object. Use the right mouse button to revert the rotation.
  4. Resize allows scaling selected elements with drag and drop system, drag button to the left (shrinking), or to the right (enlarging). Use the right mouse button to revert the resizing.

Future updates will include a plugins system for custom quick edit buttons.

Undo top#

VSE includes an undo feature that allows reverting the last changes. Use the "ctrl"+"z" on your keyboard to revert the most recent operation. Undo manager registers multiple records on the stack, using undo applies the last operation record, and removes it from the stack. This way, the undo can be used multiple times to revert many most recent actions.

Confirmation Popup top#

Operations like resetting scenarios with unsaved changes require additional confirmation. VSE shows a popup with the operation description that requires user confirmation before it is performed.

Log Popup top#

VSE displays important information on an additional log panel. This panel shows and hides automatically, it lasts longer the longer message is. If multiple messages occur, they are displayed one by one in the log panel before hiding it.

File Selector top#

The file selector is a simple built-in UI dialog for selecting the destination file on the hard-drive. It allows to change manually the directory path, go one directory up, enter internal directories and select a file with a required extension. When saving a scenario, it can override an existing file, or it can be saved to a new file with a selected name.

VSE Inspector#

VSE Inspector provides more options for using the VSE. Refer to the VSE Inspector page to learn about inspector features.