Simulator Main Menu#

Simulator has multiple options on the main screen. Users can link to the cloud, run online and offline simulations and open the Visual Scenario Editor.

Linking top#

This is the menu when the user is running the application for the first time. Users must link their hardware to the cloud as a cluster.

  1. Link To Cloud button will open the web browser to the sign up page. After signing in, users choose the name for the hardware cluster they are currently using and the simulator will be linked. NOTE If you have not signed up, do so first, then re-open the simulator and click the Link To Cloud.

Online Mode top#

Online mode is available after linking to a cluster is complete.

  1. Open Browser will open the cloud user account page in the web browser.
  2. Visual Editor will open the Visual Scenario Editor to create user scenarios.
  3. Online will open a drop down menu.
  4. Go Offline will disconnect the user from the cloud and allow users to run previous run simulations without connecting.
  5. Unlink will disconnect the user from the cloud and unlink the cluster from the machine.
  6. Clear Cache will delete local saved database information.
  7. Loaded Assets displays all loaded assets with compiled code. Unity will not release these assets until the application or Editor is closed.
  8. Settings allows users to change Fullscreen, Resolution, Graphics Quality Preset or Custom options.
  9. Quit will close the application.
  10. Application information is displayed here including Simulator version, Unity Version and Cloud URL. Reference this for support.

Offline Mode top#

When you select offline mode, only previously saved and run simulations can be run without using the online web user interface. Make sure you have at least one simulation configuration set up on your account and have run it locally.

  1. Drop down menu for all currently cached simulations run on this machine.
  2. Play for selected offline simulation.
  3. Offline will open a drop down menu for returning to online mode.