Sharing Assets#

The sharing feature allows you to share any private library assets and simulations with new and existing users in a controlled manner, without having to publish them publicly.

Sharing an asset top#

Sharing assets is very straightforward. At the top right of every private owned library asset and simulation there is a "Share" button. This will bring up a popup, which you can enter one or more email addresses to share the item. Email addresses for registered users will automatically add the item to the recipient's library. Conversely, unregistered users will be sent an email inviting them to sign up and accept the shared item.

Viewing shared assets top#

Once a private asset has been shared with you, it will automatically be added to your library. These assets will have a yellow circle indicating it was shared. The "Shared with Me" filter can also be used to easily view all shared assets.

Unsharing top#

Owners of shared assets and simulations can revoke access at any time. By bringing up the "Share" popup once more, a list of all shared users will be visible. By pressing the trash can next to a user's name, the item will be revoked from that user.