Developer Debug Mode #

Developer Debug Mode is an Unity Editor-only mode to allow for debugging of scripts inside of plugins whose code you have locally.

Table of Contents

    Enabling Developer Debug Mode #

    To Enable or Disable Developer Debug Mode: Select Simulator -> Dev Debug Mode menu item inside the Unity Editor.

    NOTE: Developer Debug mode only works through the project in Unity, not the binary build.

    Using Developer Debug Mode #

    Once Developer Debug Mode is on, any local plugins used in a simulation you run from web user interface will load from your local code rather than the bundle downloaded from web.

    For more on how to create plugins in Unity: - Bridges - Controllables - NPCs - Pedestrians - Sensors

    In addition to not needing to upload to web user interface while making plugin changes this also allows breakpoint debugging through Visual Studio.

    For instructions on setting up Unity and IDEs for debugging C# Unity scripts, follow Debugging scripts guide.

    For more on how to set up Unity Breakpoint debugging check out here.

    NOTE: Two plugins with the same name will conflict over the same namespace, and once loaded into memory plugins with scripts cannot be unloaded. To switch between local plugins and those downloaded from web user interface or vice versa, exit play mode in the Unity Editor and toggle your Developer Debug Mode settings between simulation runs.