This document describes the Store page in the SVL Simulator user interface.

The online user interface of the SVL Simulator enables you to create, configure, and execute simulation test cases from within your logged in SVL Simulator account in the browser. This includes the ability to browse through, and choose from, a default set of maps, vehicles (with sensor configurations), and plugins. These can be viewed in the Store page. A tutorial video on uploading an asset and adding it to the Store can be found here.

For a complete walkthrough from installation to creating and running your first simulation, see the Running SVL Simulator document.

Introduction top#

When you first log in to your SVL Simulator account, you will see the Store page which includes views for Maps, Vehicles, and Plugins. Each section contains the full list of available selections that you can add to your own account, which can then be used in your simulations. You can always navigate back to this page by clicking "Store" in the navigation menu on the left.

The Store section contains all maps, vehicles, and plugins that can currently be used in the 'SVL Simulator'. These assets have been published to the Store by their owners to be used by anybody, in accordance to the License, by adding these assets to their library and then including them in their simulations. For your own custom maps, vehicles, plugins, or simulation configurations, you can add or upload them directly to your account from the "Library" page.

Each type of asset (Map, Vehicle, and Plugin) can be browsed or searched using the tabs at the top of the view:

  • All assets include those assets that can be used by any user in their simulations in accordance with the License for that asset.
  • Trending assets include the most popular assets in the store and are sorted by their popularity.
  • Shared with Me includes assets that have been shared with you by other users. If you have previously removed a shared asset from your library, you can add it again from this list.