Contributing to SVL Simulator

As an open project and community, we welcome and highly encourage contributions back to SVL Simulator.

Through feedback, questions, bug reports/issues, new features, documentation, or demonstrations showing your use case of SVL Simulator, you can help contribute to the SVL Simulator project in several different ways.

Feedback, questions, bug reports, and issues top#

The best way to give feedback, raise an issue, or ask a question about SVL Simulator is to submit a Github issue to our main Github repository: Please also check first if your question has already been answered in an existing issue or on our Frequently Asked Questions page. We will try to respond to open issues as quickly as possible.

If you would like to get in touch about partnerships, licensing, or larger collaborations, please email us at

Submitting a Pull Request top#

We welcome pull requests for new features or bug fixes to SVL Simulator. You can submit a pull request here. After submitting the initial pull request, you will be prompted to agree to our Contributor License Agreement. Your pull request will then be ready for review and merging. Below are a few notes/guidelines on submitting pull requests and working on our project.

  • While we are an open project, please be aware that we have a custom license. You must agree to the terms of our license to use and contribute back to our project.
  • Please make sure that any preexisting licenses/terms of your contributions are compatible with our terms.
  • Under the terms of the Unity Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA, you cannot contribute back to our project anything which you have obtained from the Unity Asset Store (unless you have separate agreements in place with Unity).
  • Our team synchronizes the lgsvl/simulator repository internally first, then pushes to Github approximately once a week.
  • When we merge pull requests, it will first be merged into our internal source, then pushed to Github, so there may be a slight delay for your merged PR to show up in the public repository.
  • We always rebase and do not merge branches - when submitting a pull request, please make sure your code is rebased on the latest version of the master branch.
  • If you are working on a large feature or a big change to how the simulator works, please submit a Github issue first or reach out to us to discuss the idea before you start working on it or submit a pull request.
  • SVL Simulator is cross platform. Please do not write platform-specific code, or if you do, please make sure you do so while supporting all of our supported platforms.

Documentation top#

We currently use mkdocs version 1.0.4 to build our documentation website. To submit a piece of documentation, please submit a PR to the lgsvl/simulator repository, placing your materials in the Docs directory. After merging, our team will build and upload to the public website.

Demonstrations top#

If you are using the SVL Simulator for your development, we would like to hear from you. We are also always excited to see any demonstration videos, blog posts, or articles showing use cases for the SVL Simulator. Please reach out to us at to let us know about your application.