Limitations and License Notice#

Restrictions and limitations#

This documentation website contains an overview of many features and aspects of SVL Simulator, including planned releases or architectures that may not be provided at the time of delivery of this documentation. Such architectures, descriptions, and other features and aspects may be subject to change in the future, in LG Electronics USA’s sole discretion.

License agreement conditions#

All content in this documentation, as well as products and services mentioned or provided along with this document, unless explicitly stated otherwise by Zenith Electronics, LLC, a subsidiary of LG Electronics USA, Inc "LG"), in writing, are subject to the terms and conditions in the Terms of Use.

Not part of this release#

SVL Simulator includes the simulation platform, tools, and relevant content and services pertaining to simulation. While it may include possible reference implementations and modifications to open source autonomous driving systems, SVL Simulator does not officially provide autonomous vehicle systems that have been tested in the real world. LG Electronics USA disclaims any liability for issues that may arise related to open source autonomous driving systems in connection with user's evaluation and usage of SVL Simulator software and/or its further development.