Sensor Visualizers

When in a non-Headless Simulation, sensor visualizers can be toggled from the menu. To visualize a sensor, click the "eye" next to the sensor name.

For each sensor, you can click the "coordinate" icon next to the sensor name to turn on the visualization of the sensor's transform. This includes the sensor and parent name and transform position/rotation. A white line shows the parent/child relationship.

Sensors are identified by the name parameter from the JSON configuration. For full details on the possible JSON parameters see Sensor Parameters Not all sensors have visualizations available, only sensors who have will show their visualizations.

Table of Contents

Cameras top#

When a camera is visualized, the image the sensor see is visualized in a window. This window can be resized by clicking-and-dragging the icon in the bottom right corner and can be made full-screen with the box icon in the top right corner. The window can be moved by clicking-and-dragging the top bar. To close the window, either click the X or click the "eye" button again.

Color Camera top#

Visualized Color camera shows the same things that are visible from the normal follow and free cameras, defined in the sensor configuration.

Depth Camera top#

Visualized Depth camera shows objects colored on a grayscale based on the distance between the camera and the object.

Segmentation Camera top#

Visualized Segmentation camera shows objects colored according to the object tag.

Tag Color Hex Value
Car Blue #120E97
Road Purple #7A3F83
Sidewalk Orange #BA8350
Vegetation Green #71C02F
Obstacle White #FFFFFF
TrafficLight Yellow #FFFF00
Building Turquoise #238688
Sign Dark Yellow #C0C000
Shoulder Pink #FF00FF
Pedestrian Red #FF0000
Curb Dark Purple #4A254F

If a tag is included in "InstanceSegmentationTags", each instance of objects with that tag is colored differently, but all will have same hue.

2D Ground Truth top#

Visualized 2D Ground Truth shows the same things as a color camera except pedestrians are enclosed in a yellow wire box and NPCs are enclosed in a green wire box.

LiDAR top#

Visualized LiDAR shows the point cloud that is detected.

Radar top#

Visualized Radar shows the radar cones and creates wireframe boxes enclosing NPCs in a green box, bicycles in a cyan box, and other EGOs in a magenta box.

3D Ground Truth top#

Visualized 3D Ground Truth creates wireframe boxes enclosing pedestrians in a yellow box and NPCs in a green box.

Lane-line Sensor top#

Visualized Lane-line Sensor shows lines for current lane as an overlay for color image, with a perspective defined in JSON parameters.