Runtime Templates

The SVL Simulator has four Runtime Templates. When creating a simulation, a user must choose one of these templates to build their simulation on.

The four runtime templates are:

  1. Random Traffic - Simulations where traffic (NPCs and pedestrians) behavior is determined by a random seed.
  2. Visual Scenario Editor - A template for running simulations created with the Visual Scenario Editor. The simulation is created by uploading a scenario file outputted by VSE directly to the Web UI. Visual Scenario Editor tool is supported on both Windows and Linux, but the end-to-end VSE runtime simulation from webUI is currently only supported on Linux.
  3. Python API - A template for running Python API simulations directly from the Web UI. Users can paste Python code directly into the Web UI to quickly create simulations/test cases. Python Api template is supported on both Windows and Linux; however, end-to-end integration with an AD stack such as Apollo using python dreamview-api is only supported on Linux.
  4. API-Only - A template for creating a simulation that is controlled by Python scripts located on the users machine.