What is SVL Simulator?#

SVL Simulator is a simulation platform used for autonomous vehicle and robotic system development. As the development of advanced vehicles, transportation systems, and autonomous agents becomes increasingly complex, the testing needs and the infrastructure required to support them become critical to deploying safe systems on public roads and environments.

SVL Simulator consists of the simulation software, software tools, the ecosystem of content and plugins that enable tailored use cases, and the cloud environment which enables simulation and scenario testing at scale. By simulating a virtual environment, one or more ego vehicles or autonomous systems and their sensors, and traffic and other dynamic objects, the simulation software provides a seamless and customizable interface with a user's System Under Test. This allows the developer to debug, perform modular testing, and perform integration testing.

Who is SVL Simulator for?#

SVL Simulator is built for engineers who build, test, and verify autonomous systems. We invite anyone involved in building future autonomous systems to try using our freely available software.

What is SVL Simulator used for?#

SVL Simulator enables you to perform integration testing, modular algorithm testing, and system verification. It encompasses the testing infrastructure and workflow required for safe autonomous vehicle or robot development and deployment.

These are some of the specific applications developed using SVL Simulator:

  • L4/L5 autonomous vehicle systems
  • L2/L3 ADAS/AD systems
  • Warehouse robotics
  • Outdoor mobile robotics
  • Future Mobility services
  • Autonomous racing
  • Sensor/sensor systems development and marketing
  • Automotive and autonomous system security
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Real-time embedded systems for automotive

What can you do with SVL Simulator?#

Here are some of the specific use case examples for using SVL Simulator:

  • Create and run scenarios involving complex traffic scenarios based on real-world data
  • Debug and improve your localization module by testing in new Digital Twin environments
  • Test planning module in isolation with virtual ground truth detections
  • Test your autonomous vehicle stack end-to-end in real time (software-in-the-loop)
  • Discover and prevent performance bottlenecks with hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Keep track of development progress with test case reports for every simulation
  • Parameterize and automate the execution of thousands of scenarios to discover high-value and interesting edge case scenarios

Key Value-Add#

Using SVL Simulator for simulation means you will have realistic, real-time, end-to-end simulation. We enable developers to connect their real System Under Test and rigorously test all parts of their system in simulation quickly, easily, and comprehensively.

Key Features#

This documentation website takes you through all of the features in SVL Simulator, but below are some of the key features:

  • End to end simulation
  • Real-time, high-performance simulation
  • Multi-vehicle simulation
  • Photorealistic environment simulation
  • Extensibility and customizability
  • Variety of scenario creation tools
  • Procedural road network generation and environment creation tools
  • HD map import, export, and annotation tools