Important: if you have run a previous version (2020.06 or older) of SVL Simulator on your machine, then your assets like maps, vehicles, clusters, simulations will not be automatically migrated to the new version 2021.1 or above. To solve this issue, you will have to create a new account on the new cloud-based web-ui, build your assets in editor using SVL Simulator 2021.1 or greater, upload the newly built asset bundles to your library and create new simulations.

If you have any other issues with downloaded data, that need all local data to be wiped, you can delete the folder “LGElectronics”, in the location below:

Platform Filepath
Windows %APPDATA%..\LocalLow\LGElectronics
Linux ~/.config/unity3d/LGElectronics

NOTE: This will delete all existing simulation configurations and log files related to SVL Simulator.

You can then restart the SVL Simulator binary executable, and the folder will be created again and you will have to link to a new cluster.

Logs top#

Logs can be found at the following locations:

Version Location
Windows Binary %APPDATA%..\LocalLow\LGElectronics
Windows Editor ~/.config/unity3d/LGElectronics
Linux Binary ~/.config/unity3d/Unity/Editor/Player.log
Linux Editor ~/.config/unity3d/Editor.log

Unity Help top#

Please see our Unity Help document for additional tips and troubleshooting guides when working with Unity Editor in Developer Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) top#

You can find our FAQ here, which may be helpful in answering common questions or issues that may arise.