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SVL Simulator is built by LG Electronics America R&D Lab, a research center at LG Electronics headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Our mission

To enable future mobility powered by autonomy

We launched the first release of SVL Simulator as an open project to Github in November 2018 with the goal of enabling developers to build autonomous vehicles and robots through end-to-end, high performance 3D simulation. We have since built SVL Simulator into a commercial product helping automotive OEMs, robotics companies, and universities around the world.

Our team consists of highly-qualified engineers and specialists, with years of experience from industries including automotive, robotics, software, consumer electronics, and mobile technology.

We believe in simulation as the key to accelerating autonomous machine development. Our vision is to bring about a standardized simulation platform used in autonomous vehicle and robotics development, and believe open source is key to making this happen.