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An end-to-end autonomous vehicle simulation platform

Accelerate autonomous vehicle development with simulation

Test your system end-to-end or by module in a virtual environment. Run integration testing from day one without building out a testing infrastructure from scratch.

Tools and methodology for autonomous driving

Built as an open platform, SVL Simulator gives you a high-fidelity simulation engine, content replicating the complexity of real-world environments, and cloud simulation for automated testing and validation at scale.

Simulation platform

Real-time and high-performance simulator enables environment simulation, sensor simulation, and vehicle dynamics and control simulation of a vehicle.

Cloud simulation

Simulation in Cloud environments allows users to easily manage and share the autonomous driving contents within the teams or communities, also enables large-scale automated testing of test data sets and scenarios.

Digital Twin generation

A digital twin that reconstructs 3D environment from Point Cloud and image data from real world enables vehicle manufacturers and future mobility players to accurate development using simulation.

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